Akos working at the CCK – photo by Alex Tsui

Meet the graphic designer that has been working at the CCK for almost two years. Akos Katona is a third year graphic communications management student and he’s the brains behind a lot of the graphic design work at the CCK. He has designed for postcards to making full on branding identities for some clients.

Before the CCK Akos already had experience with other clients but he says that the CCK has given him more variety when it comes to clients.

We interviewed Akos to find out what his experience at the CCK has been like.


The Interview


Alex: Does the CCK challenge you?


Akos: In terms of workload? Yes but no, because sometimes there are crazy hours but I’m okay with it from before. I think in the beginning it was a little bit challenging but I was already in the habit of other workplaces in terms of workload. In terms of the work that I receive yes, but I think that’s the best part of what we do. Every time you have someone else so let’s say, for example, St. Michael’s. They wanted completely different things from what other clients wanted. For them let’s say you have to make something that’s more analytical, a little more text heavy, and more reports.  It’s less fun than creating something that looks amazing and it’s more to make it look good; but at the end of the day what’s important is that it’s done and everything that they wanted in terms of content is there. Other times when I’m working now, they want you to be creative and those challenge you, but in a good way, because you want to express your creativity through your job here. Those are the good types of challenges in a way. Most challenging  in a negative way is when I get a client who wants something that is completely different from what we create and they want something that we don’t think looks good, but it’s what they want so we’ll just go with that and probably accepting that is the biggest challenge.


Alex: So how do you think CCK has taught you to work with clients?


Akos: Before i was working with one or two clients all the time so I would get to know my clients. I would know what they’re preferences are so it was easier for me to determine what they wanted. At the CCK it’s more like we have clients for certain periods of time, we have to do a quick study on them and then do what they want and then the next person might be completely different. Here at the CCK all these people are different so it teaches a lot in terms of how to deal with the different people, different needs, and different visions of what they want. Especially when it’s something that’s not necessarily the best looking, you just have to learn to accept that so I think that that is one of the biggest things I learned at the CCK. You need to create what the client wants not what you think is the best.


Alex: What has been your favourite project?

Akos: Probably St.Michael’s was a good project. Not necessarily because of the work or how the project was done or the length of it, workload and all, but in terms of getting to work with someone who is well known. With St.Michael’s if you told someone on the street, they’d know what it is so I think working with someone that known was definitely a great part of it. You can’t just go to St. Michael’s as someone off the streets and be like, “Can I do something for you?” They’d probably be like, “no.” It was an interesting project because we did a website so I think that was the first time I worked on a website for the CCK.

Alex: How has CCK helped your portfolio?


Akos: Like I said, before the CCK I was working with a few people but since then I’ve worked for more but I think for the CCK it’s about variety. I was able to work for someone like St. Michael’s, to the Diversity Institute, to RUBIX, to smaller professor projects, to larger things. It’s just more colourful that way because if you only work with your niche market of only, like, corporate clients it will always be similar. The CCK gives you a broader angle on that whole thing, gives you the opportunity to find your niche market later on.


Getting to know the CCK


Get to Know is a blog series spotlighting the students who work at the the CCK. Each entry details their learning experiences based on the work that they’ve done.