Cheryl Cleland. Photo by Alex Tsui

Cheryl Cleland got a spot on the CCK before she even started her master of professional communication program (MPC). Right away she started working on the faculty of communication and design’s annual event RUBIX.

According to Cheryl the RUBIX event was like her baby.

Here’s an interview with her talking about what kind of work she did for RUBIX and what she thinks about that experience.

The Interview

Alex: When did you start with the CCK?

Cheryl: I started this August. One of the great things was that I actually started working at the CCK before my program even started. So it was kind of interesting in that I was getting to know some of the professors and interacting with them via email before I had even started the program. It was kind of a neat intro into the program because I had already started with the CCK.

Alex: How did you hear about the CCK?

Cheryl: So it was offered through my program. I got an email over the summer that there was a position for a student in the MPC program so you could only get the position if you were part of the program. It sounded really interesting and it paid well.

Alex: What was the first project you worked on?

Cheryl: So right away the first project that I worked on was RUBIX. RUBIX was on Halloween, it was on October 31st, but I started working on it back in August. It was a big event that took a lot of time to put together.

Alex: What did you like about working on RUBIX?

Cheryl: It was great working from the ground up on RUBIX. Being part of it through the whole process, getting those initial drafts from the professors describing their projects and seeing it through to the very end. So many rounds of revisions and emails back and forth and it got very hectic and annoying at times but  just being able to see it all the way through to the end and seeing it come together in the final event. I was writing about these projects and reading about these projects so I knew them very well but I hadn’t seen them or anything and I hadn’t met any of the professors that I had been corresponding with for months. Finally seeing the culmination of, Oh so this is the project that I’ve been writing about, that’s actually it! So seeing the physical thing and actually like, Oh Hi! We’ve been talking for months and corresponding and now we’re finally meeting so it was a neat end cap to the whole thing.

Alex: What do you think you learnt from RUBIX?

Cheryl: A lot of the revision process and how I needed to be diplomatic with people involved, specifically with professors and the kind of back and forth that could happen.

Alex: How do you think the CCK will help you in the future?

Cheryl: Clearly it looks good on a resume! No I’m just kidding so… having that experience of project of copy editing and the, here is the physical thing and I can show that so it’s a really great portfolio piece. Being able to say like, yes you know I have a whole bunch of copies at home that are my babies because I made this! Having that great portfolio piece and being able to say that, yes I was there for the whole thing of it.

Cheryl is wrapping up her master of professional communications degree this year, it will be the third degree under her belt. She has a bachelor of linguistics and a master of linguistics degree.

Getting to know the CCK

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