National Sibling Day was created by a freelance paralegal named, Claudia Evart, who lost her sister and brother at a young age. Claudia Evart chose April 10th as it marked the birthday of her sister, Lisette.

It is a day to celebrate a sister or a brother of any age, from any nation across the globe. Bonds with siblings are far stronger and long lasting than those with parents and friends. Siblings are the best friends who grow up with you during every part of your life. Friendships come and go, but a sibling bond is everlasting. Therefore, national Sibling Day is a special day to cherish your brother and/or sister for being your light at the end of the tunnel.

Our Sanctuary by Kendra Fernandes

Arms warm and welcoming,

Soft as the clouds above.

Trust is given, no consequence,

Love, all encompassing.

A special understanding only, they know,

Words only they can speak.

Parting our shadows,

Giving strength, pointing us to the sun.

Home is where they are,

Near or far.

Together they protect us,

All-in-all, our sanctuary.

No matter if they are of blood,

Or simply our comrade.

For they love us for us,

With all our downfalls, all of our sins.

A family are people who want us,

Their love a ball of burning light,

Who stand at the end of the tunnel,

Waiting patiently for us to come.