Undergraduate Students

Nawal Salim, Film Studies, 2020
Rocco Bombardieri, New Media, 2019
Karina Mohammed, Professional Communication, 2020

Nawal Salim
Rocco Bombardieri
Karina Mohammed

Nicole Calabrese, Professional Communication, 2018
Laura Iruegas, Professional Communication, 2018
Laura Burrett, Professional Communication, 2018

Nicole Calabrese
Laura Iruegas

Akos Katona, Graphic Communications Management, 2018
Adrienne Tabgina, Professional Communication, 2020
Keenan Mathura, New Media, 2019

Akos Katona
Adrienne Tabinga
Keenan Mathura

Graduate Students

Alicia Cheung, Master of Professional Communication, 2017
Bethany Rubin, Master of Professional Communication, 2017
Vibushan Soudrarajah, Master of New Media, 2017

Alicia Cheung
Bethany Rubin
Vibushan Soudrarajah

Cheryl Cleland, Master of Professional Communication, 2017
Emilie Jabouin, PhD of Communication and Culture, 2020

Cheryl Cleland
Emilie Jabouin


Brigitte Dreger-Smylie, Masters of ProCom, 2015
Jelena Lazarevic, Masters of ProCom, 2015
Josephine Lim, Masters of ProCom, 2016

Brigitte Dreger-Smylie,
Jelena Lazarevic
Josephine Lim

Joyce Chan, Professional Communication, 2017
Selah Edlington, Professional Communication, 2017
Emma ZernaskProfessional Communication, 2017

Joyce Chan
Selah Edlington
Emma Zernask

Alex Hsuan Tsui, Journalism, 2017
Katherine Fernandez-Blance, Master of ProCom, 2016

Alex Hsuan Tsui
Katherine Fernandez-Blance

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