The CCK has your Family Day schedule covered.

Officially, Family Day is a provincially celebrated holiday that began in Alberta and came to Ontario in 2008. It’s a holiday that provincial governments created to address the lack of holidays between New Year’s Day and Easter Weekend, and the decreasing amount of time families spend together.

Unofficially, Family Day is an undergrad’s secret weapon in the fight against academic related stress.

Whether you’re sleeping in, being productive, or hanging out, there is nothing an undergrad loves more then a day off with their family.

However, sometimes it’s hard to be at home on Family Day.

You may be an international student, or someone whose family isn’t in Toronto.

According to the Ministry of Labour, some family members may not be entitled to Family Day. This may be the case for family members who work in federally regulated workspaces, or work in organizations that are in “continuous operation” (hotels, tourism sites, taverns), or are not covered by the Employees Standard Act, or more simply put — some families don’t want to spend the whole day together.

Lucky for you, we at the CCK have prepared a list of activities for undergrads whose families are unavailable or busy on Family Day.

1. Finish Your Readings
We didn’t forget that Family Day takes place on Reading Week and nor should you.
It’s a good opportunity to get ahead and spend quality time with family members returning home from work.



2. Grab a Friend and go to an Event
Plan ahead by looking for events in the city.
A great place to start is, as they list a variety of events for Family Day each year.




3. Hone your skills
Are you secretly a guitar wizard? Maybe you’re a savvy graphic designer. Regardless, Family Day is a great opportunity to work on the skills that are important to you.