Have you seen celebrities posting about Vero, and have no clue what they are talking about? We can help with that!

Vero is a social media platform that gained popularity through their promise of free usage to the first million members. It was created under the promise of a network with “no bots, no spam”. As a company, Vero believes in a social platform that allows each user to be themselves. This inspired the creators to name it Vero, which means “Truth”.

Photo Cred by Vero

Vero’s business model is to create the best social experience by treating users as customers through a subscription service. By making people apply through a subscription model, Vero ensures the platform is advertisement free. After remodelling their website/application to serve these purposes, Vero introduced a promotion for the first 1 million users got to use the social media platform for free. Everyone else would pay a small fee to use the same features. However, all users would pay a charge if they used the “buy now” feature. If users selected the “Donate Now” feature, Vero would waive all fees associated with the charity.

Vero allows you to share photos, videos/movies, and places, which are automatically placed in the user’s collections folder on the platform. Seem familiar? It should, as it is an exact replica of Instagram’s archive or highlight features.

Photo Cred by Mediakix

Vero also gives users the ability to share links, music and books. The “True Social” network allows users to select share options from four categories: close friends, friend, acquaintance and/or followers. You guessed it – Facebook also has these features.

We’re not doubting that Vero might provide a different, “true social” experience. After all, the social media landscape changes so rapidly, that it is probably a good idea to check things out here and there. When it all boils down, Vero, to us, seems like a combination of Instagram and Facebook, but with a fee attached. Have you tried it out? If so, let us know!

Source: https://www.vero.co/vero-manifesto/

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash